Account Fees

Processing Rates and Fees

Discount Fee for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Volume
2.75% for card swipe/EMV transactions
3.5% + $.15 per item for manually entered transactions
Void Fee (before capture)
Refund Fee (after capture)
Closed GoPoint Account With Funds Remaining in Account Beyond 14 Days of Closure
$5.00 a month
Chargeback Fee
$25.00 per chargeback
Insufficient Funds Fee 
$20.00 each occurrence
Processing Fee for unclaimed property transferred to a governmental body (where permitted by law)
$80.00 or as set by statute
Printed Monthly Statement Fee 
Up to $10.00
Investigation Fee (up to 3 hours)
$20.00 per investigation
Extended Investigation Fee (for each hour beyond 3 to investigate or respond to government order)
$180 per hour

Electronic Funds Transfer Fees & Limitations 

ACH Out Fee Deposit to your checking account utilizing the ACH network. 
Same Day Funding to Bank Account – For qualified customers with a qualifying         T-Mobile account linked to the ProPay account  (requires debit card attached to banking account)
No Charge
ACH Return Item/NOC Fee (insufficient funds in or closure of your ProPay or Bank Account, or if the account number or other information you provided is incorrect.) 
Intra-ProPay Transfer Fee (transferring funds between your ProPay Account and any other ProPay Account) 

ACH Fee Schedule

(if you are approved by ProPay to accept ACH payments from customers)

ACH Payment Fee (per transaction)
Notification of Change Fee (per item)
Return Item Fee (insufficient funds, etc.) (per item)
ACH stop Payment/Customer Cancelation Fee (per item)